Top Gear vs TAPS
TAPS vs Top Gear
Battle information
Release date TBA
Number 21
Previous Ben 10 vs The Doctor 3 (Between Season Sequel)
Next Nietzsche vs Marx
Other information
Rappers Article-2211210-154AD621000005DC-355 306x423Richardhammond 1444897cJames-may-250optJason-HawesBioGrantWilsonLG05 400x400Tumblr inline moun717zuz1qz4rgp
Location(s) Top Gear Studo
Race Rock Lighthouse

Top Gear vs TAPS is the twenty-fourth Alanomaly Rap Battle. It features paranormal group, TAPS, short for The Atlanitc Paranormal Society, batlting the show hosts of Top Gear UK.


(Note: Jason's lyrics are in silver, Grant's are in grey, Steve's are in aqua-grey, Jeremy's are in green, Richard's are in red, and James' are in blue.)

Top GearEdit

[Jeremy Clarkson pulls up in a Lexus LFA and steps out.]

At 240,000 pounds, the Lexus LFA has 553 horsepower,

Aluminium block and engine, port fuel injection, over 320 kilometers an hour.

[Richard Hammond pulls up in a Porsche 911 and steps out.]

Hammond, you're in an unreliable, pre-owned piece of junk.

Well, you're in an overly-priced Toyota with an L stapled to the front.

This is a really nice car, a six-cylinder rear engine,

While you're driving a wannabe Ferrari, shouldn't even be taken into consideration.

[James May pulls up in a Fiat Panda and steps out.]

Hello. Mate, you're driving a shoebox.


On this episode of Ghost Hunters, after we get these pipes fixed,

We'll investigate these three old buggers who look like their tires got nixed.

Top GearEdit

Poor Officer Steve couldn't bag himself a ghost or Sheri,


Top GearEdit



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