General Information
Species TBA
Home World TBA
Body Ankylosaurus
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Seismic quakes
Strong tail
Enhanced strenth
Enhanced speed
Voice Actor Alanomaly
Transformation Number 513
First Appearance TBA

Richter is a future Experimatrix transformation. He is transformation 513.


Richter is a small, bulky purple ankylosaurus-like creature with a lavender stomach, chest and patches around his eyes, a bulky body and legs, a huge flat tail with a triangular shaped portion at the end, a round face with a wide mouth with two of his bottom teeth sticking out, a large reddish-brown round nose, large black eyes, small, short pointed ears, a single horn on his head, tiny dark purple round spikes down his back and a darker purple marking in the middle of his back that reaches all the way to his tail. He is mainly a quadruped and sticks close to the ground because of that fact, but he is capable of standing on two legs if he so desires. He wears a red collar with a white stripe. The number 513 is written on the collar.


Richter can cause devastating quakes with a single thump of his tail. He can also, if he uses this ability in faults within Earth's crust, set off a chain reaction of quakes which will split the planet in two if not countered with the backfire effect. He can roll into a ball and climb walls, but he is too heavy to jump.


Richter can be easily encased in a green sticky substance. He is too heavy to jump. He has a slight difficulty talking in English, but is mostly audible.