Giovanni vs Lust Artwork
Lust behind Gluttony and to Envy's right
Character information
Birth name Lust
Nickname(s) Lust the Lascivious
The Ultimate Spear
Physical description
Hair Black
Eyes Red
Based on
Rap battle information
Appeared in Don Giovanni vs Lust
Vs Don Giovanni
Release date TBA
Votes on website TBA
Location(s) TBA

Lust battled Don Giovanni in Don Giovanni vs Lust.

Information on the RapperEdit

Lust (ラスト, Rasuto) was the first Homunculus to appear in the Fullmetal Alchemist series, playing a significant part. She was usually partnered with Gluttony to whom she appears to have a particular (arguably almost motherly) closeness. She functions more as an object of lust for others than being lustful herself. Her Ouroboros mark is located on her sternum, just above her breasts.




  • The way she dies is reflective of her death in the show, as she is burned alive.