I'm truly a Link to the Past judging by him, the ghost of Sparta before me

One who wasn't satisfied with his daughter, so he killed the rest of his family

It's a Hylian, the last son of the Knights, the man who dismembered Ganondorf

Against a haunted, raging, traitorous albino who only Sony could have brought forth

So let us test SoulCalibur, I'll be the Yoda to your Ezio, Nightmare to this Spawn

The Hero of Winds and Time up against one falsely claiming to be the God of War

I brought forth this beat on my Ocarina, there's confirmation I'm the Wind Waker

With your muddled lineage and Cursed Mortal rep, can you prove you're no faker?

Given you murdered your Blade Brother, I'll truly kill the Last Spartan in this fight

You never took down Apollo, so how could you fair well against THIS Hero of Light?

Don't know about the Three Fates, but I've come packing the Triforce this time

So prepare to taste my Master Sword as I HIIIYAAA into the sky!


Your rhymes are about as forward as your timelines, you keep splitting off,

The Blades of Athena will slice off your Peter into the Pan so you know who you're ripping off!

I would've thought you an instrument player, had your flow not been so weak!

My movements are fluid like a Jaffe Cake when I do them, swing blades from my chained Links!

You'll be left in a Pool of blood once you're Dead, I'm an anti-hero,

I'll Hyrule over you, a puny blue shield won't protect this childish icon of Miyamoto!

It doesn't take comparing to me to see you're just a child, I'll snap you in half!

A Hero of Time? Ha! You must be joking with that kind of Phyrgian crap,

You're a Majora annoyance, perhaps you need a re-Awakenening,

Hyrule'll get Wind of my triumph here and there shall be no mistakening

When I say that between me and you, there's surely to be little competition

And then, like this was YouTube, you'll merely be left in the description!


I'm pretty sure that I made it out better when we went up against the Tower of Gods

This isn't the Fallen Hero timeline, you'll need three times your threes to take me on

I come stacked with about as much Divine Weaponry a game as you do in your series

I'm a hero, even Freddy Krueger thinks your methods are more than a bit unseemly!

I came to commit deicide, but your Hades put you down a level and then some

End the Age of Mythology as I drown you like what your predecessor's done

I demolished Vaati, sealed Ghirahim, made Light out of Ganon and repelled the moon

So if I'm battling a God of War, it's simple enough to say I'm the Link to your doom


And if I'm battling Santa's minion, I can say the Master Sword chose wrong,

You're about to be de-Minished when I'm finished crushing you in the form of song!

And to Cap it off with a lightning fast attack

I never got to kill Thor, but I'll heap Loki on my stack!

You should fear me, check yourself and this scenario!

I was killing either Raiden while you dicked around with Mario!

I slaughtered the Titans! I dethroned the gods! I killed Hercules!

Best you did was catch that cross-dresser's oral herpes!