Hannibal Lecter vs Ken Kaneki
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Battle information
Release date TBA
Number 29
Previous Goku vs Godzilla
Next Tim Burton vs Jim Henson (Season 3 Finale)
Other information
Rappers Hannibal-Lecter-Face-Mask-202x233Ken kaneki profileTumblr inline nuuqx3bXBd1tabi62 500
Location(s) Baltimore State Mental Hospital



Hannibal LecterEdit

Hello there, Eyepatch, I've been waiting my chance to take you.

It took you quite a while to arrive here from Anteiku.

Quid pro quo, Kenneth, what's your best friend's name?

Turn it to a verb, it's what you'll want to do when I escape.

Turn to your Roots A, you'll find what's truly wrong with you.

Let me perscribe some medication, one-eyed fool ghoul.

Yes, :re-evaluate the situation, I play more mind games than Jason,

To me, it's quite blatant, your personalities are adjacent.

Ken KanekiEdit

Oshiete oshiete yo sono shikumi wo,

That this opponent I see is considered a psycho?

I'll make an exception to my rule, because I would rather you be hurt

Quid pro quo, Dr. Lecter. Is your method of creeping Clarice a bad flirt?

Hannibal LecterEdit

All good things to those who wait, Mr. Kaneki.

Ken KanekiEdit

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Hannibal LecterEdit

I do wish I could stay for longer, but I'm having a friend for dinner soon.

Oh, and Kaneki, one last thing: ...Love the suit.

Ken KanekiEdit