Gold Digger
Gold Digger
General Information
Species TBA
Home World TBA
Body Dwarf
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Digging
Enhanced speed
Enhanced strength
Enhanced agility
Enhanced intelligence
Equipment Pickaxe
Voice Actor Alan (Talking)
Simon Lane (Singing)
Transformation Number 524
First Appearance TBA

Gold Digger is a future Experimatrix transformation. He is transformation number 524.


Gold Digger is a small, red alien. He has black clothes with a white collar, cuffs, belt, and anklets and black boots. He wears black goggles with red slits for sight. He has golden hair and sideburns. Covering the lower half of his face and upper torso is a large, golden beard. The number 524 is under his beard.


As his name suggests, Gold Digger has extreme digging skills. A lot of his digging is done with a golden shovel or pickaxe.

He has enhanced speed, strength, and agility for his size.

He has enhanced intelligence on different ores, minerals, and materials.


His nature of digging comes with two side effects: urges and greed. He has the urge to dig, always suggesting it as a solution to a problem. He has a slight sense of greed, making him want to own the riches he finds without anyone else having it. Despite this, Alan's good nature overcomes these weaknesses.


  • He is the first transformation to take the number of an experiment but not be based on the experiment: He has the number of Shovel, Experiment 524, whose primary funciton is digging with his shovel-like tail. Digger, Experiment 529, was considered to be replaced, but Alan decided Shovel wasn't notable enough to keep and Digger can be used later, practically confirming him being used.