I’mma give you an Interview,

  • (Eminem had a cameo appearance in the movie The Interview. Here, he says he's going to give Cash an interview as well.)

Teach you how to Get Rhythm when you get the blues.

  • (Get Rhythm is a notable Cash song where he sings about how people should sing, or "get rhythm," when they get the blues. Here, Eminem says he'll teach Cash how to actually do so, as many of Eminem's notable songs are about the more depressing parts of his life and/or career.)

Tell you, Hey, Porter, I’m comin through the portal,

  • (Hey, Porter is one of Cash's songs. Eminem is warning Cash that he is coming through the portal, referencing the song Rap God)

Cause, John, you couldn’t even make it to 2004, though.

  • (Also referencing Rap God, saying "2004, though," as Cash died in the year 2003, not being able to make it to 2004.)

You got a Ring of Fire? Man, I got a flock of flames!

  • (One of Cash's most famous songs is Ring of Fire. In the song Rap God, Eminem references a flock of flames. Eminem is saying that his flock is superior to Cash's Ring.)

You’re more than 8 Miles away from reaching my fame!

  • (8 Mile is a movie staring Eminem, also sparking his songs Lose Yourself and 8 Mile Road. He says that Cash is much less famous, about 8 miles down from Eminem's fame.)

Walk the Line all you want, but don’t you dare cross it.

  • (Walk the Line is a famous Cash song. Here, Eminem willingly lets Cash walk the line all he wants, but to not cross it, as he continues into the next line. It also references the song Like Toy Soldiers in which Eminem says there's a certain line that you don't cross.)

Trust me, I’m the last person that you wanna be crossed with.

  • (...Eminem, especially in 8 Mile, was known for being very sensitive to what people say. Here, he warns Cash about what he'll say, again referencing that he shouldn't cross the line he walks. "Crossed with" is a way to say angered.)

I’ll drop you like you were a bee with no stinger,

  • (In the song Not Afraid, Eminem says "haters can make like bees with no stingers and drop dead." He says here he'll drop Cash the same way, therefore killing him.)

The only thing you got on me is that you’re a baritone singer!

  • (Eminem is saying here that the only thing Cash has on him is being a baritone-bass singer, which Cash was very famous for.)

All the bitches know about your diabeetus.

  • (A known internet joke is "Bitches don't know bout my diabeetus", purposely mispronouncing diabetes. Cash had died from a diabetic disease, which anyone who knows him knows that, therefore all the bitches "know about his diabeetus".)

Don’t give us an Encore, you should take my musical hiatus.

  • (One of Eminem's albums and songs is titled Encore. Eminem is saying that Cash shouldn't give an encore, but instead take the musical hiatus that Eminem took.)

Stay in Folsom Prison, maybe you’ll change in the Aftermath.

  • (Cash is known for the song Folsom Prison, where he said he wants to say. Eminem agrees with this here and also says that Cash might change in the aftermath of the prison time, referencing Eminem's album, Aftermath.)

I’ll let you rap so you can give me Proof I’ve got better raps.

  • (Eminem is concluding his verse so that Cash may rap. He says here that Cash's verse will be bad enough to be proof that Eminem has better raps. This is also referencing the rapper, Proof, who was a very close friend of Eminem's, who was murdered in 2006.)

Johnny CashEdit

Hello, I’m Johnny Cash. Time to disobey my momma.

  • (Cash usually started is concerts with saying, "Hello, I'm Johnny Cash," then a performance of Folsom Prison. He is starting his verse in the same way. The second part of this line leads into the next one.)

Shoot you like the man in Reno, forget gun control of Obama.

  • (In the song Folsom Prison, Cash disobeyed his momma who told him to never play with guns by shooting a man in Reno. He says he's going to do the same here. The gun control references the debate of gun control that was brought up during Obama's second term.)

You’ll want to forget this battle, let me wipe your memory like a Man in Black.

  • (Cash is saying that Eminem is going to want to forget being beat by him, and that he'll wipe his memories. This is a play on his song, Man in Black, which also became his nickname, and the movie, Men in Black, where they would use a device to wipe the memories of those who knew too much.)

I’m the OG Country Singer and can still kick your ass in a rap.

  • (Cash is one of the most notable and one of the most early country singers. Even with this title, he claims he can still kick Eminem's ass in rap, saying that because of the notable differences between their respective genres: rap and country.)

If I say any disses you’re gonna cry, cry cry. Slim, just cry alone.

  • (Referencing back to how Eminem is known for once being very sensitive as well as referencing the Cash song, Cry, in which Cash says "You're gonna cry, cry, cry, and you'll cry alone," and says Eminem will do the same and to just cry alone.)

But I am GLAAD you showed up them folks back in 2001.

  • (GLAAD stands for Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation. Eminem is known for homophobic rhymes. Cash says that despite rapping against Eminem, he is glad, pun on GLAAD, that Eminem showed them up, as they thought he was homophobic. However, in 2001, Eminem performed his song, Stan, with singer Elton John, who is openly gay, and even hugged him, therefore "showing" GLAAD up.)

Face me, Marshall, I’ll leave you on a Rock Island Line.

  • (Rock Island Line is a song by Cash. He is saying he will leave Eminem there if he faces him.)

Pinned down to the ground, using Nails size Nine.

  • (Cash is saying he'll leave Eminem pinned down to the ground with nails size nine, referencing Nine Inch Nails, who Cash collaborated with, and Eminem referenced in My Name Is.)

Without Me, this battle would lack southern music class.

  • (Without Me is a popular song by Eminem. Cash is referencing it and saying that without him, the battle would lack southern music class, as Eminem represents rap, Skrillex represents dubstep, the Butcher Babies represent metal, and Elvis represents rock, although he also sang country.)

Don’t want a singer who is a father with a fatherless past.

  • (Cash is saying that, due to Eminem being a father who had no father growing up, that he is not a wanted singer. This is also referencing a line in Eminem's song, Mosh.)

You can’t beat me here, so Eminem, Just Lose It.

  • (Cash is using the cliche filler line of "You can't beat me." However, he is also saying that Eminem should just lose it, referencing losing the battle as well as one of Eminem's songs, Just Lose It.)

Walk on out like your dad, you got nothin in the music Business.

  • (Once again referencing the fact that Eminem had no father growing up, Cash is saying he should walk out like his dad did, and also says Eminem has nothing in the music business, referencing Eminem's song, Business.)

You never respond, you just sit back and let the fans die like Stan.

  • (Eminem won't have another chance to rap in this battle as Skrillex, the Butcher Babies, and Elvis jump in, therefore, he will never respond to Cash's raps. This references the song Stan in which a fan of Eminem's named Stan wasn't replied to due to Eminem's busy schedule, and drove off a bridge with his pregnant girlfriend in the trunk because of this, feeling that Eminem was "Mr. Too-Good-To-Call-Or-Write-My-Fans.")

For a Rap God, your rhymes are of the most bland.

  • (Eminem calls himself a rap god, namely in the song of the same name. Cash says for a rap god, his raps are rather bland.)


My Name is Skrillex, comin in From First to Last

  • (Skrillex is coming in by introducing himself, using the name of his first EP, My Name is Skrillex. He also references a band he was in during his early career.)

3 AM, Count the Bodies of my Teen Angst!

  • (3 AM is a song by Eminem in which he is killing people. Skrillex references both that song and a song y From First to Last, Dear Diary, My Teen Agnst has a Body Count.)

Eminem, you’re like a wack MC Ebenezer Scrooge,

  • (Skrillex is directly talking to Eminem in this and the next line. He is saying that he is a wack rapper, as well as like a MC Scrooge, being notorious for being pissed at the world.)

Drop you like the bass, this Criminal’s about to lose!

  • (Skrillex represents dubstep in this battle, in which the bass is known to drop. Skrillex says he'll do the same to this criminal, in reference to Eminem's song of the same name where he calls himself a criminal, and make him lose.)

Johnny, I’m over here throwing around your last name,

  • (Skrillex is now talking directly to Cash in these lines. He is doing a pun on Cash's last name, saying he is throwing around a lot of cash.)

This generation loves me, they know country music’s lame!

  • (Dubstep is a very popular music genre in the modern generation, while country is rather unpopular.)

I crushed Mozart, sang along with EpicLLOYD.

  • (Skrillex was portrayed by EpicLLOYD in the Epic Rap Battle of History, Mozart vs Skrillex. This was then performed live during YouTube's Comedy Week in which the real Skrillex came alongside Lloyd to battle NicePeter as Skrillex.)

I’ll make you question yourself, more confusing than Sigmund Freud.

  • (Skrillex is going to make Cash and Eminem question if they'll win, being similar to Sigmund Freud in this case.)

Your name is what? Your name is who?

  • (Skrillex is referencing the chorus of Eminem's song My Name Is, and is also sarcastically saying he doesn't even know Eminem. This also leads into the next line.)

According to Cash, it may as well be Sue.

  • (Skrillex is answering his previous line, by saying that according to Cash, Eminem's name may as well be Sue, referencing Cash's song, A Boy Named Sue.)

I hear the Rap God, walking into the Devil’s Den,

  • (Referencing Rap God again, also alluding to Skrillex's song, Devil's Den, and alluding to the contrast between God and the Devil.)

Dubstep all over you, crush Cash and Eminem.

  • (A pun on the word dubstep, in which Skrillex represents, and the word step, which he will do all over Cash and Eminem in order to crush them.)

Flows moving the world like you during your daughter’s childhood.

  • (Skrillex is saying his flows move the world. He is also saying they move the world more than Eminem moved during Hailie's childhood, as referenced to in Eminem's song Mockingbird.)

I’ll destroy both of ya, and my legacy will be the only one understood.

  • (Skrillex is saying he'll crush both Eminem and Cash so much that the only legacy left will be his own.)

Butcher BabiesEdit

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