Alexander the Great vs Ivan the Terrible
AlanRB AtG vs ItT
Battle information
Release date TBA
Number 15
Previous Sam & Dean vs Bo & Kenzi
Next Dorothy vs Alice
Other information
Rappers Alexander the GreatMTE1ODA0OTcxNjY5NjIwMjM3RichardIVlad-tepes-face-z-540x540Url
Cameos Leonidas
Location(s) Greece
Dracula's Castle


Alexander the GreatEdit


You come to battle me, you're lucky I've Agread,

I created an empire from the Greek to the Indie.

I've got myself a few Issus, but nothing quite like your mind,

Vasily-fetch me a drink after I Russia and conquer Ives!

Play the cards right, Tsar, you're a Massacre of Nov-good.

Butcher you like a Mos-cow, with meat infected like your leg, dude.

A Terrible leader, you should back home with 2 1/2 years of Great agony.

Maced-own you on the mic, then I'll send men to seige your White Sea!

Let Aristotle mind your army, cause I'm afraid they're gonna need a tutor,

I'll replace Artemis' Temple with my military as the new Seventh World Wonder!

When it comes to leaders, I'm an Alpha, that's something you should Bet on,

The son of Zeus coming at you like my relative like this was Sparta!



Alexander the GreatEdit

March south to your Achille's Heel, and that's where you'll be slaughtered,

I'll be waiting with my men while your slow nomads migrantly saunter!

Ivan the TerribleEdit


If your empire was so beautiful, then let me blind you,

Kill you off like Anastasia and start another survival dispute,

I bring Hellenistic type bars when I take down Greek fools,

Corrupted mind like Socrates, you'll get the staff point when I'm in the mood!

Checkmate, Alex, I'll now soon die a peaceful death,

How is it you're so weak when you're said to be Greek God-sent?

Such Great potential, but the title must've been given by a lyre,

I changed the Russian government while you were drinking poison, so dire!

Siege the White Sea? I'll come back corrupting it with that of the Black,

I'm giving you a lesson in warmongering, so I suggest you sit Balk!

Call me the son of Caesar, cause I'll knock your nose off,

Then take your chestpiece away, and then your fate shall be forgot!

Let me change up the testaments, I'm the new ruler of your lands,

The luster of alcohol and that of rap beating are both some you lack!

Richard the LionheartEdit

Vlad the ImpalerEdit

Attila the HunEdit

Scrapped LyricsEdit

Alexander the GreatEdit

The son of Zeus coming at you like my relative,




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